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  • Apartments on the IJsselmeer for sale
  • Multi-year guaranteed yield
  • Stable value investment

Yield on a holiday home in Friesland

Looking for an investment which gives a nice yield on a holiday home? Don't look any further, because at Dutch Resorts you can invest in beautiful apartments on the IJsselmeer. Partially because of our special location, we have already been offering an investment with stable value and nice yield for 25 years.   You can let our apartments for a guaranteed yield. Additionally, you can also privately use the home as second home. The homes all feature a beautiful view over the IJsselmeer and host up to 8 persons. Are you already excited about our holiday homes with yield?

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The offers at Beach Resort Makkum:

Yields on a recreation home

If you are looking for yields on a recreation home, you should invest at Dutch Resorts. At our Beach Resort Makkum, we have various luxuriously furnished apartments for sale which all have a wonderful view over the IJsselmeer. If you buy a recreation home, you'll enjoy the comfort of your private apartment and the luxury of a hotel. You or your rental guests will enjoy things like room service and a breakfast service. The apartments have all been constructed sustainably, so besides obtaining yields on a recreation home it's also a sustainable investment. We have recreation homes for up to 8 persons available for sale.


Luxurious apartments

 Our apartments are suitable for up to 8 persons. They all have a modern furnishing and come equipped with all conveniences. 


Unique location

Right next to the beach in Makkum, in water-rich Friesland. Located on the IJsselmeer, with private boulevard and beach.


Luxurous hotel facilities

Enjoy, among other things, an excellent restaurant, breakfast service, room service, sheets, and a professional guest reception.


Holiday home letting with yield at Beach Resort Makkum.

If you pick a recreation home you obtain yields from, Beach Resort Makkum is the place for you. Our park in Friesland is within an hour's drive from the Randstad, and is ideal for water athletes. If you buy a holiday home from us, you can choose to let it, but you can also choose to use it yourself. Whatever you choose, our professional letting partner is always ready for you. Our resort is in a unique location on the IJsselmeer and has a direct connection to open water. Besides that, our resort has a private boulevard and beach, where you and your guests can fully enjoy themselves. Curious about the options of letting a holiday home with yield? Contact us.

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