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Investing in real estate

Investing in real estate

  • Investing with a return
  • Spacious apartments in Makkum
  • Luxury resort along the IJsselmeer

Investing in recreational real estate

Are you considering investing your money in a holiday home? That is an excellent idea!  Investing in real estate has become increasingly more rewarding as of late. Savings in the bank are becoming steadily less valuable, whereas when you invest in recreational real estate, you will receive a nice return on your investment.  At the unique Beach Resort Makkum, in a prime location along the IJsselmeer and with its own beach and promenade, you can buy a luxurious apartment as a second home. Here you can make stable value investments in a location that has provided guaranteed returns for over 25 years. An additional advantage: our professional rental agency will completely take care of renting out your apartment.

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Invest in a holiday home at Beach Resort Makkum

The sun on your face, the wind through your hair, and the sand between your toes.  Investing in a holiday home has never been more unique than at Beach Resort Makkum. Here you will invest in a generous holiday apartment at the IJsselmeer, where you will enjoy first-class breathtaking views over the water. And where the apartments stop, the bustling promenade and beach begin. The unique thing about investing in a holiday home at Beach Resort Makkum? You will benefit from the best of both worlds: the comfort of your own apartment and the service of a hotel. In fact, as an owner or guest of the apartment, you are allowed unlimited use of the restaurant, breakfast service, room service, bed linen, and professional guest reception. 

Beach Resort Makkum in a nutshell:

✔️ Located in Makkum and along the IJsselmeer

✔️ Luxury apartments with stunning views

✔️ Excellent restaurant with breakfast and room service

✔️ Sustainable, gasless, and well insulated

✔️ Less than an hour's drive from the Randstad


Frequently asked questions about investing in real estate:

Can I invest in real estate and make a reasonable return?

Yes, at Beach Resort Makkum you can invest in real estate with a nice return. Partly due to its prime location, we have been offering a stable value investment for 25 years, where you will receive an attractive return on your investment. Moreover, our rental agency will completely take care of renting out your apartment. 

I would like to invest in real estate, but also spend my holidays there myself. Is this even possible?

Beach Resort Makkum allows you to invest in real estate in three separate ways. First, you can make your apartment fully available for rent. Second, you can choose to partially rent out your apartment, i.e. a combination of personal use and rental. Third, you can also choose to use the property entirely for yourself.

Why invest in real estate at Beach Resort Makkum?

Thanks to its prime location along the IJsselmeer and its luxurious amenities, Beach Resort Makkum is a popular destination for tourists. From your very own apartment on the beach in Friesland, both you and your guests will get to enjoy an unmatched vacation feeling in the Netherlands every day.

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