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Buy recreation home the Netherlands

Buy recreation home the Netherlands

  • Royal apartments for sale
  • Luxurious resort on the IJsselmeer
  • For private use and letting

Buy luxurious recreation home in the Netherlands

Are you considering buying a recreation home in the Netherlands? As a second home for yourself, or as a sustainable investment? Meet Beach Resort Makkum.  By Dutch standards, this is a unique Beach Resort, with a private boulevard and beach, and a direct connection to the IJsselmeer. You can buy a holiday home in the Netherlands here, in the shape of a luxurious holiday apartment for up to 4 to 8 persons. Choose an investment that keeps its value in a unique location that has been generating yields for over 25 years. And thanks to our professional sales and letting agency, buying a holiday home in the Netherlands has never been easier.

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Buy new recreation home at Beach Resort Makkum

You can buy a brand-new holiday home at Beach Resort Makkum, in a great waterside location.  Extremely luxurious and royal apartments are being developed here. The main advantage? You'll enjoy the best of two worlds: the comfort of your private apartment, and the luxury and service of the hotel. As owner of an apartment you have unlimited access to the restaurant, the breakfast service, the room service, the sheets, and the professional guest reception. This turns buying a new holiday home from us into a smart investment in rental property. Can you already imagine... Get up out of the bed, the sun is in your face, the wind blows through your hair, and the sand is between your toes. That's a great way of buying a recreation home in the Netherlands.

Overview of Beach Resort Makkum:

✔️ Located in Makkum and on the IJsselmeer

✔️ Luxurious apartments with a beautiful view

✔️ Excellent restaurant with breakfast and room service

✔️ Sustainable, off the gas grid, and isolated well

✔️ Within an hour's drive from the Randstad


Frequently asked questions about buying a holiday home in the Netherlands:

Where can I buy a newly built recreation home in the Netherlands?

At Beach Resort Makkum, in the town of the same name, Makkum, we are developing new recreation homes in a large apartment complex.  Where the complex ends, the cozy boulevard and beach begin. A perfect opportunity to buy a new holiday home you really cannot let slip away!

Where can I buy a sustainable holiday home?

Sustainable investments are made at Beach Resort Makkum, located in Friesland. You can buy a sustainable holiday home from us. The apartments are off the gas grid, have excellent isolation, and are equipped with a heat pump, floor heating, heat recovery unit, and solar panels.


Three options for buying a holiday home in the Netherlands

Would you like to buy a holiday home in the Netherlands as investment? Or are you rather looking for a nice place for a second home, where you can enjoy a holiday every now and then? At Beach Resort Makkum you can do both. We offer three options for buying a recreation home in the Netherlands:

1. Private use.  You use the apartment yourself. Breakfast on your balcony with a view over the IJsselmeer, have lunch in the historic town of Makkum, have dinner at a beach club, and finish the day with a walk along the water. Soon you'll enjoy a holiday every day!

2. Full letting.  Would you rather buy a holiday home in the Netherlands as investment? Your holiday apartment is a sustainable investment as rental property. Our professional letting agency takes care of the entire letting of the apartment.

3. Partial letting.  At Beach Resort Makkum, a combination between private use and letting is also possible. You'll make your apartment available for letting when you don't use the apartment yourself.

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